Wasps and Cell Phones and Horses, Oh My!

One of my favorite families just had a session with me like none other! Here’s how it went down last Saturday morning … I normally arrive a bit early to scout locations and assess lighting and I keep my phone close in case a client needs to get a hold of me – you know, sometimes they are running late or can’t find the location.  As I was packing up that morning I had decided to bring a small bench to get a cool, “couch in the middle of the woods” look for the girls. So, I had set up the bench in a spot I liked, my client arrived and we were all ready for a fun filled family photo session. Next thing I know Dad is getting stung by Wasps! Apparently, I set up the bench right next to a Wasp nest. For a photo shoot with small children. Obviously, unintentionally but, OMG! Then all of the sudden my phone starts ringing like crazy. I had forgotten to turn it off. Usually, not a big deal but I got a couple calls right in a row so I’m digging in my camera bag to turn it off when I’d rather be focused on the kids because children have a notoriously small window of opportunity for being happy and ready for posed portraits. So, okay minor distraction with the phone taken care of and we are moving on and then I am not kidding you,  a spirited Arabian horse and rider come through right where we are shooting. Wow, who can compete with a beautiful horse for little girls attention? But you know what? It was all fine! My sweet family handled it with aplomb and I kept shooting and oh my gosh, these images…. I love them!


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