So, I finished painting the bathroom and it looks awesome! We went to Home Depot tonight and got some finishing touches, I think it will make for a much nicer client experience!  Now, onto the website. We created our own website back in 1999 and while I have changed at least some of my images every year or so,  Paul still has the same site he had in 99. Definitely, time for a complete overhaul!  We researched everything from having a very high end company design our site, to working with templates to doing it ourselves from scratch. I am kindof a “control freak” ( not really but a little bit) so I have always liked doing it myself, even though it takes a lot of time. We decided that we would work on the html side ourselves and have an art director/designer friend help us with the flash site.  I think it’s going to be a great solution.  Look for our new site to launch … oh, I don’t know, realistically probably in February, but I’m hoping for sooner.

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