Sophia – 3 years old

Sophia – I can’t believe you are already three!  Your legs look unbelievably long and you have gotten strong this summer from climbing and running and riding your trike. Weren’t you just a baby that we brought home from the hospital? Well, you were … but that’s not you anymore. Now you are a ‘mama” to all your own babies – the dolls that live in your room that you name and rock and tuck in their cribs so lovingly making sure they all have their own little blankies. Yes, you still have your blankie, too. It’s the last vestige of babyhood left and you still need it when you are tired or sad. That’s okay, you can keep blankie as long as you need it. I love how you sit at your craft table and paint picture after picture, I love how you help water the garden and call zucchini bread, “berkini bread”. I love how after I dress you, you say. “but mommy that’s not a cute shirt!” and then we have to go back to the drawer and find one that is pink or purple, your two favorite colors. But I dressed you in a little bit of blue today because it matches your beautiful blue eyes. Sophia, you light up our family with your love and sweetness. I love these pictures we took of you this morning because now I can keep a little part of you three forever!

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