old school

Oh, you are jealous of my kitchen countertops aren’t you -just “green” with envy, I’m sure! Ha ha, well looks like that’s the least of my worries in this old house. The dishwasher died a sudden, surprising death and one of the pipes in the basement is  … hmmmm, how do you say this in plumbing terms … SPURTING. But a most interesting thing has developed. We’ve discovered we really don’t mind doing the dishes by hand, in fact there is something downright therapeutic about it. The “I’ll wash, you dry” cooperation, the kids thinking it’s just another opportunity to play in water, the slowing down of life. Since it’s so old school, I had to add some old school love to these images. Fun. And I still love my old house ( most days). Someday when I have all new plumbing and granite countertops, I’ll look back at these images of my three year old daughter and say, “ah, those were the golden years”. I just know I will.

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