newborn baby

I had the opportunity to photograph a newborn baby this weekend – she’s still counting her age in days instead of weeks! A beautiful girl with a beautiful name – Savoya. Can you believe she is already smiling? And so little, only 6 lbs.! I love to photograph babies when they are this little. You can’t really see it on these images because I have to size them down to post online but on the full size images you can see she still has that baby fuzz on her arms and legs. Precious. I can tell her parents just love her! The only snafu was I’m always on time for a session but I had written the address down wrong and so my map quest directions were totally off. Luckily, I called from my cell phone and my clients gave me great directions from the crazy place I ended up so all worked out. That was a good lesson to me to confirm directions even in this day of GPS and the Internet. Savoya did so great! I am always amazed at these newborn babies!

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