newborn baby – 6 days old

Our friends Sam & Susan had their baby on December 5th and when I called to congratulate them and offer to bring a meal Susan said, “why don’t you bring your camera, instead.”. Of course! I LOVE to photograph new babies! They are just so special. When I saw baby Ryan I said, “Oh, he’s so little.” and Susan said, “Really?” because he was 8lbs. 13oz. at birth but he still looked little to me. We photographed him in a cute little Christmas outfit and then I said we should do some naked baby pictures so they undressed Ryan and laid him down and all of the sudden he was peeing on me! My camera was in the direct line of fire so the lens took the brunt of it but it was okay, we just wiped it off quickly – after we picked ourselves off the floor from laughing so hard. Ryan is really sweet and Sam & Susan are amazing parents. The feeling at their home is so happy and peaceful. Can you believe that? With a 6 day old? But it’s true. Congratulations, you guys – you have a beautiful family!

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