Max & Suzy

I don’t know how to write about this wedding and do it justice. First of all I should tell you that “Mad Max” and Suzy are good friends of ours so for me there are many facuets to the story. Probably too much to tell in a blog post …..


I could tell you about the ceremony and how unique and beautiful it was  – close family and friends skiing into the ceremony site, cold and snowing like crazy and everyone with tears during Max and Suzy’s vows.


I could tell you about the “river folk” friends and fire dancing and crazy antics or about the close Czech family and their wonderful singing and food.


I could tell you about how being at this wedding felt like being with family for us.


But mostly, I think I should tell you about Max and Suzy. They are fun, beautiful, in love, inspired, full of life, and you should really meet them sometime if you can.


We love you both!

View a slideshow of the wedding!


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