Luke & Sophia

We had an evening out on the town last night to celebrate the end of a wonderful winter break. I LOVE having my kids home from school and it was a little bittersweet to pack lunches and find backpacks this morning. It’s harder to get my work done when they are home all day but I easily fall back into the routine of working late at night when they go to bed so it all gets done. We got to ski, ice skate, swim, see a performance of the Nutcracker, go to the art museum,  make cookies, visit with family and friends and spend lots of days just hanging out in our PJ’s until noon and playing with new toys. I love how Luke looks with his missing front tooth and I love Sophia in this coat from Aunt Janelle. My idea for using the lights wrapped around them came from a Holiday card our friend Dave Rosenberg sent many years ago of his daughter when she was young.


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Mark and Tara - January 4, 2012 - 4:29 pm

Oh my God, they are so dang gorgeous (of course!). But please tell them to stop growing up so fast!! Missed you guys this Christmas. Maybe this will be the year Mark and I *both* get back to Denver.

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