Jacob & Nathan

I had so much fun photographing Jacob & Nathan this afternoon! We did some portraits in the studio and then went to a lake that is a special place for their family. My friend Betsey told me tonight that she is passionate about relationships ( she is!)  and I think that I must be a bit, too, at least in my photogrpahy. My favorite images of siblings is usually of them looking at each other, laughing together, or some special captured moment…. true of my wedding and family portrait work also. The one of Jacob & Nathan with their arms around each other I just love, it’s a classic brothers pose. I photograph men on their wedding day and they have a picture taken with their brother and this is what they do! Anyway, I had a lot of favorites from tonight’s session and am posting a few here. Thanks, Jeannine & Dan for allowing me to photograph your boys again, they are wonderful!

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