Hut Trip

We had an awesome time last weekend on our first hut trip with kids! I am surprised that even some Colorado folks don’t know what a “hut trip” is so here is the lowdown … There is a system of huts or cabins that are connected by trails in the Colorado high country. You ski, snowshoe or hike to the hut with all your food, sleeping bags and gear. Most trails are at 8,000 ft elevation or higher and gain elevation as you make your way to the hut. We have always gone with a group of outdoorsy friends and did the same this time. I was very happy to have our friend Max along who has guided a trek on Mt Kilimanjaro because he helped me carry our 3 year old daughter up. Okay, he carried her most of the way and made it look easy! ¬†Thanks to his wife Suzy for these pictures of our family! Gotta give a shout out to our 5 year old son who made it almost the whole way up without help! ¬†Way to go Luke!

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