Gavin ~ Newborn Photography

Five Years ago we photographed Laura and Sean’s wedding  – I am so honored to still be photographing major events in their lives such as what it looks like to be a young family with a new baby on the way and that new baby, Gavin at just 5 days old. Sooooo beautiful!  The first week with a newborn is a wonderful, beautiful, hard, sleep deprived time. I am always aware that as easygoing with the photo session as I am it can still upset the tentative balance of the first few days. So you can imaging how bad I felt that I left my light meter at Laura and Sean’s house and had to ask them to ship it to me – and then how amazed I was that Laura called me from the Fed Ex office asking if I wanted that, ” overnight, 2 day or ground?”. Laura, you are amazing. There is no way I could have been in a Fed Ex office five days after having a baby…. I was still trying to figure out who I was at that point, ha ha. You are the best!  Congrats to you and Sean – you make beautiful children!

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