digital enhancements

 As professional photographers in the digital age we have the tools to do almost anything with an image after we’ve created it. I’ve certainly done my fair share of alternative processes ( cyanotype, polaroid transfers, infrared, etc) but I am enough of a “purist” to want to see a really nice unaltered image sometimes. Paul and I were talking about this and he reminded me of how in the 70’s wedding photographers thought it was so so cool to do a double exposure during the ceremony and make it look like the bride and  groom were looking down at themselves. Now that type of image is very dated and I wonder if the same will happen with this current trend of digital enhancements. It’s fun and it’s so easy, the trick I guess is to use it in moderation. Here is an example of an unaltered image and then an action applied to it called “aged photo”. This literally took me two seconds. Crazy!

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